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Turkey Tail Dual Extract

Turkey Tail Dual Extract

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This is a double extraction of organic turkey tail (trametes versicolor). Turkey tail is an amazing immune system modulator. This means that it supports the immune system in the way that it needs to be supported. If the system is too high, turkey tail lowers it. If the system is too low, it raises it.

Turkey tail is the most well studied health promoting mushroom. It is revered for its wellness supporting qualities. 

This fungus has a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In TCM, the mushroom is employed to increase chi, strengthen the lungs, and clear dampness. Additionally, turkey tail mushrooms are used in TCM to support the liver and immune system.

Turkey tail is said to enter the spleen and heart meridians. It is anti-inflammatory and helps heal various tissues (including leaky gut). It supports fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, infections, and digestive disorders.

Turkey tail has constituents that directly act on tumor cells. It doesn't work against healthy cells, just mutated/disharmonious cells. This shows the innate intelligence to work with our bodies.

Turkey tail is grounding and connecting. It is said to support times of transition. It helps our emotional, physical, and spiritual body. It helps break down trauma patterns and memories held in our bodies. Turkey tail is good when you feel the deep call for nourishment and connection. When your Spirit needs to be anchored, turkey tail is a great tool. I love adding this dual extraction to my Rest and Digest Tea Blend.

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