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Rest and Digest Nervous System Support Tea

Rest and Digest Nervous System Support Tea

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We understand that the body systems work together to support whole body wellness. The nervous system is an excellent example. It has the ability to affect our psychological well-being, as well as our digestive system.

Understanding what you need to have a healthy nervous system is a gift. This herbal ally blend is to help those of us who tend to lean in "fight or flight" mode. It is essential that the nervous system be tonically nourished and also nourished by a solid healthy diet.

Steer clear of processed foods, sugar, chemically enhanced, genetically modified and artificially preserved foods. Just doing that is a great place to start. People often do not link their diets and their health. It is one of the easiest ways to begin to heal our bodies.

Great foods for the nervous system are organic oatmeal, lots of organic green and yellow foods vegetables/fruits (artichokes, aloe vera, almonds, kelp, apples, arugula, asparagus, avocados, bananas, basil, berries, cauliflower, celery, cilantro, coconut, cucumbers, dates, figs, fennel, garlic, ginger, lettuce, potatoes, pears, parsley, radishes, sweet potatoes, spinach, squash, tomatoes, thyme, just to name a few).  

Stress, anxiety, tension, hyperactivity and even pain can have an enormous impact on our nervous system. Although, these can sometimes be normal occurrences, we simply can not live in a place of constant "fight or flight". This tonic tea full of nervines supports living in a place of "rest and digest".

Directions: Steep 1 tsp in 8 ounces of boiling water for 8 minutes.

I recommend enjoying 2 to 3 cups daily, initially. Have a cup when you are experiencing a high stress time or situation, as needed. Once you feel you have found balance, have 1 cup per day to maintain balance.

organic ingredients include: lemon balm, oatstraw, motherwort, peppermint, lavender, yerba mate, roasted cocoa nibs (fair for life fare trade certified), roasted carob, roasted cocoa powder (fair for life fare trade certified), and vanilla

 * This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.  

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