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Lymphatic System Support

Lymphatic System Support

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These products are a collection of some of my favorite ways to support your lymphatic system. I have crafted these items using the same high quality standards you have come to expect from GFO. I use a combination of herbs and ingredients known to get the lymphatic system moving. Combine or choose from...

-Lymphatic Love Salve, Dry Brush, Lymphatic Cleanse (60 day supply, Reusable Organic Castor Oil Pack (includes castor oil)

Why is the Lymphatic System SO important?

- Over half of all cells that produce antibodies are found in the bowel wall.

- Along with producing and transporting immune cells, another key function of the lymphatic system is removing excess fluids that leak into body tissues. Substances can leak into body tissues and cause them to become inflamed (inflammation) if the leakages aren't removed by the lymphatic system.

Symptoms of lymphatic system backup



-brain fog

-sore throat/swollen tonsils

-ear popping/ringing

-frequent sickness


-bloating or swelling

-itchy/dry skin

Activities that support the lymphatic system

-Manual lymphatic drainage massage (I combine with the Lymph Love Drainage Salve)

-Castor Oil Packs (topical use only)

-Dry Brushing (I combine with the Lymph Love Drainage Salve)

-Deep Breath Work

-Yoga or Dancing - Movement helps to get the Lymphatic System flowing

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