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Virtual Herbal Consultation

Virtual Herbal Consultation

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If you are tired of feeling poorly and guessing at how to feel better... if you are ready for natural solutions to your health concerns/challenges, I would love to guide and support you. Wellness is not one size fits all. Working with a Herbalist will allow you to have a protocol/plan tailored to your individual needs. This is a wonderful way to empower your healing journey and receive guidance and support.

The Virtual Herbal Consultation will allow us to work together to get to the root of your concerns, in lieu of just putting a band-aid on them. We will go in-depth into your health history so that we can gain a clear picture of where you are in your health journey. We will discuss the goals you wish to achieve in terms of your health, and develop a plan on how to reach them.

Once you book this appointment, I will email you new client paperwork to the email address you have on record. Please be sure to use the best possible email when checking out. Please be as detailed as possible when filling out your paperwork. Also, add any details that you feel important, that might not be on the paperwork. Once completed, you will email your paperwork back to me. I might email or text you if I have any questions about your paperwork. We will schedule an appropriate time that works for our schedules to have a zoom call. 

The initial herbal formula protocol created will focus on health history and health patterns. During the call we will go over your personalized protocol and make natural health recommendations (this may include activities, nutritional support, healing modalities, etc). High vibrational herbal medicine is a powerful tool because plants don't simply treat symptoms or cure disease... when used properly, they strengthen your core vitality and promote vibrant physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 

Herbal formulas or protocols are not covered in the cost of this consultation. They will have an additional cost. A protocol may include a tea, supplement, and extract (tincture). Protocols can cost from $25 up to $150 depending on what we address. I do however do my best best to recommend and provide affordable options while maintaining excellent quality. You are not obligated to get the protocol I put together from Great Faith Organics but I am happy to make those available if you'd like. I will ship the items to you. We will have a follow-up 6 weeks after the initial protocol.

It will be your responsibility to book the follow-up consultation. Clients are encouraged to contact me if the need arises. I will be available for your questions. I look forward to working with and supporting you. 

I do not diagnose, treat, or cure dis-ease. Herbal consultations are educational, and are not intended to treat disease, but instead support health.


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