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Reishi Dual Extract

Reishi Dual Extract

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This is a double extraction of organic reishi mushroom (ganoderma lucidum). Reishi is an adaptogenic and an amazing immune system modulator. This means that it supports the immune system in the way that it needs to be supported. If the system is too high, it lowers it. If the system is too low, it raises it.

The reishi mushroom has an extensive history of use spanning over 7,000 years. In texts and scripts from thousands of years past, it was cited as being a tonic for emperors. It is endearingly referred to as the “mushroom of immortality” for its bounty of wellness benefits. Once so highly valued that it was only afforded by the noble classes. It's potent antioxidant and liver protective outcomes actually assists in the slowing of the process of aging. 

Reishi also makes a valuable addition in the care for many cancers, especially breast and lymphatic cancers. 

Reishi is also valuable for upper respiratory support. It is good for asthma, seasonal allergies, molds and and chemical agitation. 

Some additional potential benefits include managing stress (alleviating anxiety), fights mental fatigue (sharpens focus), improves sleep, supports heart health and has antioxidant properties. The fruiting body has a multitude of constituents, most notably polysaccharides called beta-glucans, which are water soluble. It also contains alcohol soluble triterpenes. These and many other aspects of reishi support the body’s immune defenses and immune health.

Reishi is believed to lead you into deeper states of inner knowledge and wisdom. It should be center stage for anyone who practices meditation. Taking reishi daily supports realignment with a deeper part of yourself. I love adding this dual extraction to a cup of my Energy Balancing Herbal Tea Blend.


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