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Great Faith Organics

BUG OFF - Natural Bug Repellent

BUG OFF - Natural Bug Repellent

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This is an effective, deet free bug repellent. This is a natural, herbal, and essential oil infused alternative to the traditionally toxic bug repellent. It effectively repels mosquitos, fleas and ticks.

We slow infuse purified water with lemongrass as our base. Once the process of infusing the lemongrass is over, we finish the product with high quality essential oils known for their pest repelling abilities. 

*Does NOT need to be refrigerated. We add a gentle preservative to keep this water based product from becoming toxic. 

Comes in a large, 8 ounce spray bottle.

**This was a special request made by a wonderful customer. ❤️ I use this for my family but have never had it in the regular line. If there is a large demand, I will consider adding it to the summer ☀️ line. Update: Because there has been such a HUGE demand after the initial release - I will be keeping this in our spring/summer line of products. 

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