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Mullein Leaf Extract

Mullein Leaf Extract

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Mullein (Verbascum thapsus

Most people know the leaf of this plant is commonly used in cases of respiratory distress, colds, flu, and dry lingering coughs. Mullein is indicated in most chronic lung issues including asthma and COPD. 

Mullein Leaf is a moistening and relaxing expectorant, excellent for soothing and moistening respiratory heat & dryness in the trachea, bronchioles or lungs, relaxing tightness, softening hardness, and calming an unproductive cough. Mullein leaf is a great support for chronic bronchitis & "smoker's cough." It also offers support with urinary tract conditions, and in either case is especially beneficial when there is lymphatic stagnation in the body.

Mullein is a biennial, living only two years. In the second year mullein grows a tall stalk covered with beautiful yellow flowers. 



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