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Moon Time Cramp Balm

Moon Time Cramp Balm

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A lot of females are “inconvenienced” by, annoyed, grossed out, or else completely indifferent to their period cycles. If you’re a woman, take a moment to think about your feelings towards your menstruation. How do you feel (or don’t feel)?

The period cycle is on average 28 days long and involves the shedding of the uterine lining once a month. On average, menstruation lasts between 3 to 7 days, and during this time it’s common to experience a lot of side effects. These side effects can include for example, moodiness, fatigue, cramping and skin problems such as acne.
Our moon time cycles are physical, but they are also emotional, mental and spiritual. In other words, it isn’t just about bleeding, cramping and getting PMS!

In reality, menstrual symptoms are actually messages in disguise telling us to slow down and honor our body. Moon time is not meant to be physically crippling, like it is for most females. 

This salve brings together the warmth and comforting power of cayenne, fresh ginger, fresh arnica, comfrey, and therapeutic grade essential oils. These are all known for aiding support for painful menstruation or "moon time". This balm addresses painful cramps and lower back pain due to the menstruation cycle. 

As always we use raw, unprocessed, local beeswax.

These products are for TOPICAL/EXTERNAL applications and use only. 

💜 Check out our Lady Time Extract and Lady Time Tea for internal usage and relief of moon time struggles. We also offer a "Lady Time Kit". You'll find our Moon Time Balm, Lady Time Extract, and Stress Away Lip Balm with a hand crafted zipper pouch that's perfect for your handbag.

Be sure to wash your hands immediately after applying. You do NOT want to get this in your eyes.


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