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Advanced Herbal Consultation & Wellness Support

Advanced Herbal Consultation & Wellness Support

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The $30 is a booking fee only! You will be responsible for the remaining amount ($90), at the time of your appointment. 

If you are tired of feeling poorly and guessing at how to feel better... if you are ready for natural solutions to your health concerns/challenges, I would love to support you. Wellness is not one size fits all. Working with a Herbal Practitioner will allow you to have a protocol/plan tailored to your individual needs. This is a wonderful way to empower your healing journey and receive guidance and support. An advanced consultation will address your wellness on a deeper level. The Advanced Herbal Consultation and Wellness Support will allow us to work together to get to the root of your concerns, in lieu of just putting a band-aid on them. We will look into your physical body systems, as well as your mental and emotional systems.

We are able to address and support cancer recovery, weight loss, sleep issues/insomnia, thyroid function, adrenal function, chronic fatigue/poor energy, respiratory/lung health, symptoms arising from long covid, anxiety, autoimmune disorders, cholesterol, cardiovascular health, arthritis, infertility, sexual health, skin issues, healthy hormones, digestive health, bowel elimination, urinary/kidney health, migraines, ADD/ADHD, allergies, and SO MANY other concerns. We will also address any parasites, yeast/fungal over growth, and excess heavy metals rhat you might potentially have.

This is a highly detailed appointment. This consultation includes herbal guidance, wellness coaching, loads of education, encouragement, and a complete biocommunication feedback scan. This is a painless process. During the scan, subtle energetic impulses are introduced to your body, through your hand. Your body naturally responds to this communication. This process is FDA approved and is safe for infants, children, and adults of all ages (including people with pacemakers and pregnant women). 

The initial consultation will be an hour or a little over, during which time we will go in-depth into your health history so that we can gain a clear understanding of what's going on. We will discuss the goals you wish to achieve in terms of your health, and develop a protocol on how to reach them. 

You will always leave the consultation with expert recommendations, whether it is lifestyle, herbal, nutritional, or a combination of the three. Many times you will leave with customized herbal formulas and/or nutritional supplements that are right for your body. High vibrational, herbal medicine is a powerful tool because plants don't simply treat symptoms or cure disease... when used properly, they strengthen your core vitality and promote vibrant physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I craft all of the plant medicine in my Practice, so I am able to keep the formulas high quality, ethically sourced, and uncompromisingly beneficial.

PLEASE READ - The price for the Advanced Consultation is $120. To book your appointment, you'll pay a $30 booking fee today and choose the available time and date that you would like. This non-refundable booking fee will count towards your appointment cost. You'll bring the remaining $90 with you to the appointment. I accept cash, credit, venmo, and even afterpay in the Practice Space.

Once you book this appointment, I will email you new client paperwork to the email address you have on record. 

If you would like to purchase supplements in the office, you can pay with a card. If you scan for supplements that I don't formulate, then I will help you acquire a good quality formula. You are not required to purchase the products that show up in your scan but these items will be the ones that are best suited for your specific needs. 

I do not diagnose, treat, or cure dis-ease. Herbal consultations are educational, and are not intended to treat disease, but instead support health.


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