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Immediate Calm Extract

Immediate Calm Extract

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This herbaceous and sweet floral extract is simply delicious. It is enchanting and has a floral scent that lingers. It can be consumed about 30 minutes prior to bed if you have trouble sleeping. It helps to gently calm, cool, and balance raging emotions if you wrestle with panic and anxiety. It is very grounding and helps support through times of transition. It can also be taken as needed if there is an immediate need for relief.


organic ingredients: tulsi and lavender 

We offer two size amber bottles 30 mL (1 ounce) and 120 mL (4 ounces). The 1 ounce bottle offers 600 drops. That comes out to around 30 doses. The 4 ounce bottle offers 2,400 drops. That comes to around 120 doses.
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