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Great Faith Organics

Herbal Infused Cough Syrup

Herbal Infused Cough Syrup

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This has been one of my biggest cold weather sellers for the last 4 years.

This is the old fashioned cough syrup that my grandmother used to make. I took the recipe and greatly elevated it with infused herbs to help heal the lungs. This syrup helps settle the throat and lungs while also working as a gentle expectorant. This means that although it is soothing it is not a suppressant. This means it works to heal the cough and not just to mask it.

Dose is 1 tsp to 1 TBSP, every 3 to 4 hours as needed. It is also wonderful to take before bed if you are struggling with nighttime coughing. 16 to 32 doses, depending on the dose you take. Syrup is good for up to 1 year.

This is a LIMITED batch. Each label has the batch date on it.

This is a seasonal product. That means that it is NOT a product that I will carry year round.

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