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Dream Team - Intense Relief Pain Set

Dream Team - Intense Relief Pain Set

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This relief set is our most requested item for pain relief. Every customer who has tried it not only loves it but continues to reorder it. They are in disbelief that a little spritz could bring such warming, numbing relief. This dynamic duo will have you feeling relief in no time.

Intense Relief Pain Spray
Research has shown that tissues of the skin and muscles experience a numbing, analgesic effect when exposed to pure mentha. This intense, therapeutic grade spray is used for the relief of aches and pains associated with but not limited to: Sore joints/muscles, Arthritis, back, neck, and shoulder pain, Headache/Sinus, Sciatica, Fibro, Sports Injuries, Sore Feet, Stress associated with neck and shoulder pain and pain associated with PMS/menstrual cramps. 

Directions - Spray directly on affected location. Let the spray soak in, do not rub. It will dry without any greasy residue like many over the counter rubs do. Do not spray it directly in your face area, eyes, or mouth. This spray is for external use only. Relieves aches and pain of muscles and joints. This is also a great product for sinus issues and headaches. If you are using the spray for that type of relief then you will need to spray directly into your hands and inhale deeply.

Intense Relief Herbal Oil (organic)
This oil comes from the intense infusion of organic comfrey, arnica, sjw leaves. These leaves have been dried and infused in my dark room for over 3 months before becoming the beneficial herbal product you will receive. 

Some of the most interesting health benefits of comfrey include its ability to reduce pain, eliminate inflammation, wound healing, promote health and growth, strengthen bones, heal skin, and improve respiratory health (among many other benefits). Arnica is used for bruises, sprains, muscle soreness, and muscle spasms often associated with sports activity. Arnica and plantain are used to treat muscular aches, joint pain, and arthritis. It is believed that both the arnica and the plantain plant have anti-inflammatory properties. SJW is used for nerve pain, sciatica pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and menstruation. It is finished off with Aroma Siez. This is an essential oil blend crafted by Young Living. It is used to relax, calm, and relieve tension of spastic muscles resulting from sports injuries, fatigue, and stress. The blend contains basil, marjoram, lavender, peppermint, and cypress. This herbal oil comes in a bottle with a dispenser lid for easy use and to avoid spillage.

Reduced Pain
If you’re suffering from any sort of chronic pain in your body or if you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, applying comfrey, arnica, and sjw to those areas can quickly soothe that pain. Analgesic qualities in herbs are particularly valuable, and the organic compounds and antioxidants found in comfrey serve that purpose quite nicely for aches and pains.

These products are for TOPICAL/EXTERNAL applications and use only. Comfrey is not dangerous or harmful when used in external and topical applications. In fact it is an impressive herb. The herbal oil contains only comfrey, arnica, sjw, organic oil, therapeutic grade essential oils.

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