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Extreme Allergy Blend (Organic) Elderberry Syrup

Extreme Allergy Blend (Organic) Elderberry Syrup

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This blend was specifically formulated for all of my customers who are suffering with extreme "allergy and sinus" challenges. I have combined the power of elder along with various other key herbs known for supporting the fight against extreme allergies. Then I top it all off with lots of raw, unprocessed, local honey. It is formulated to have no potential interactions with prescription medications that you might be taking. 

We use only the purest, highest quality, locally sourced and certified organic ingredients available. We don't use store bought extract or ingredients from Amazon (with a source that can't be trusted or traced) in our process. We also don't use ingredients (berries) that grow along contaminated local water sources, roadways, or near powerlines. We know the source of all of our ingredients. We slow brew every small batch. You'll also find a batch date on every single bottle we serve. 

Despite the fact that elder is scientifically proven to be good for cold and flu support, most people don't know that it is also a good support of immune system wellness and upper respiratory support, as well as allergy support. Elder has been long used for it's antioxidant activity to moderate a healthy immune system.

Mullein leaf - in folk use, alleviates irritation and acts as an expectorant. It is used for upper respiratory health. I use mullein leaf when I am dealing with a cough, mucus, snot, asthma, bronchitis, any sort of respiratory support, and for a sore throat.

Peppermint - In folk use, peppermint is utilized for respiratory infections, congestion, and labored breathing. In traditional french medicinal uses it supports asthma, bronchitis, respiratory functions, and fever reduction.

Goldenrod - Often mistaken as the culprit who is flaring up your sinus and allergy health, this plant ally is actually powerful in helping relieve and fight off those issues. Goldenrod does not cause seasonal allergies as many tend to believe. Goldenrod is pollinated by insects. Only wind-pollinated plants such as Ragweed (which blooms at the same time as Goldenrod) causes seasonal reactions.

Raw honey is honey that is pure, unheated, unpasteurized and unprocessed. We use raw, unprocessed honey from a local family farm. 

Directions are on the label of your bottle. Label has complete list of ingredients. 

Dosage amounts: Adults (1 TBSP), Children over 1 yr old to 12 years old (1 tsp) 

**If you have or are actively struggling and need immediate seasonal support, take the above amounts every 3 hours. I would do this for at least 24 to 48 hours. Once you have relief, do the above dose amount 2 times a day for maintenance. 

*SYRUP NEEDS TO BE REFRIGERATED IMMEDIATELY once it arrives to you and it will last 4 up to 5 months (16 to 20 weeks weeks) in the fridge. There are no preservatives in this syrup. The refrigerator acts as the preservative. ***By purchasing, customer acknowledges that this syrup MUST be kept in the refrigerator, even before the safety seal is removed. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
I love Great Faith Organics Products

I'm so glad to find your products. Everyone help me a lot.

Ivette Serbia
Very helpful, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am a pancreatic cancer patient and undergoing quimio therapy once a week and radio therapy 5 days a week. As a result I was weak all the time. My daughter Kimberly is your customer. She recommended me your products. I鈥檓 currently using the Extreme Allergy Blend and the Edelberry Immune System Support Tea. In three days, I was another woman, I felt with more energy and the secondary effects of the therapies were less.
Thanks Mandy for your wonderful products.

Donna Hollis
Very helpful

I have struggled with severe allergies and asthma for years. I am on 2 different pills, a spray and inhaler. And hardly get any relief. I have only been using this syrup along with the tea and sinus inhaler for a few days. I have already seen a relief. I highly recommend this product!! You will be RELIEVED that you did 馃檪

The only thing that touches my allergies

I have always had to take allergy medication. Nothing I had previously tried would work. I barely got relief from the medication I was on. I started using this allergy formula Mandy created earlier this year. I couldn't believe how well this formula worked. I loved her elderberry and wolfberry super syrup but I consistently use the elderberry allergy syrup now. I like that I get the same immune support BUT with the extra benefit of all the allergy relief. I now don't have to take medication. I am so glad I found these products.