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Vapor Rub Cough & Congestion Chest Rub

Vapor Rub Cough & Congestion Chest Rub

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When unwanted cough & congestion come creeping around, don't reach for that toxic brand vapor rub our grandparents loved. Instead give this organic but powerful cough & congestion chest salve a try.

Why we don't use the popular vaporub store brand?

The main ingredients of Vick's include camphor (4.8%), eucalyptus oil, menthol (2.6%), thymol and several other ingredients. Thymol, or 5-methyl-2, is a phenol derivative that can have antiseptic & preservative properties. 

Phenol has been found to be toxic to internal organs. Turpentine is actually a lung irritant and petrolatum, is often contaminated with PAHS, a toxic compound that has been linked to cancer, reproductive toxicity, and even immunotoxicity. 

This organic congestion salve contains menthol, mullein leaf, eucalyptus, citrus, camphor, and peppermint. You get all the good stuff without the junky other ingredients for not much more cost. This is a great way to knock out congestion and nasty coughs. Mullein Leaf has been used for centuries for soothing coughs and congestion. It is known as an expectorant herb, that means that it increases the amount respiratory fluid secretions, and can be used successfully on dry or productive coughs. We slow infuse our organic mullein leaf oil for 12 weeks. Both the 1 ounce option and 2 ounce option come in an individual roll-on applicator stick. 

This organic cough and congestion salve is an excellent alternative to store bought Vick's. It is also more effective.

I have found the best application method is to apply to the bottom of the feet before bed and cover with socks. Especially, for kids under 2 years of age or younger, rub on the bottom of their feet. The scent can irritate their mucus membranes causing further irritation and inflammation.

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