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Bug Slayer Immune Support Rollerball

Bug Slayer Immune Support Rollerball

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If you are trying to stay well, give this roller ball blend a try. Viruses often hibernate along the spine? For this reason, I like to use this little bottle of goodness daily, along the base of my spine. If you find yourself in the throws of a nasty "stomach bug"  that's going around you will need to apply along the spine every 2 to 3 hours.

It will support your recovery to half of the time than it would last without it. This blend contains what are called "hot oils" because of there high phenol content (they are extremely powerful) so they should not be applied directly out of the shower when your pores are opened. This is a great blend for supporting life ABOVE the wellness line.

This is a great accompaniment to our Elderberry and Wolfberry Super Syrup as well as our Angel Soak products.

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