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Shampoo Bars

Shampoo Bars

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These shampoo bars are crafted specifically for sensitive skin. They are full of argon oil, shea butter, hydrolyzed silk, honey, calendula officinalis extract, helianthus annuus extract, aloe vera leaf extract, althaea root extract, carrageenan (derived from red seaweed). 

All of the bars also contain kaolin clay. Kaolin clay is a rich and gentle silica. It helps clean the scalp without drying it out. It calms inflammation and helps moisturize dry, brittle hair. It improves circulation to the scalp and helps remove dirt and impurities from the hair follicles which helps strengthen the roots.

Our bars are shaped to also help improve scalp circulation. This will help bring new, healthy growth. 

Dry hair - The citrus fresh bar is designed to help with dry hair. It also has orange peel to throughly clean and exfoliate the scalp. (Orange bar)

Oily Hair - The rosemary and peppermint bar is designed to help control oily hair. (Green bar)

Normal Hair - The lavender and germanium bar is designed to help the balance of your hair. It's also just super relaxing. It contains lavender petals to help with relaxation and balance. (Purple bar)

These are free of harsh chemicals, detergents, and preservatives. They contain nourishing plant oils. You can feel the difference after your first wash! We use essential oils to create a more medicinal shampoo bar. These are clean, hand crafted, and artfully designed.

Because each small batch is hand crafted, these bars are limited supply.

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