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Labor and Delivery Salve

Labor and Delivery Salve

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This labor, birth and delivery salve is for some very special Moms. This is specifically formulated for ladies who are choosing to go the more natural route in their birthing journey. This salve is so potent that it should NOT be used prior to 38 weeks.

What are a few benefits?

* Helps speed along active labor (naturally).

* Aids mom in handling her stress and anxiety during the process.

* Helps with pain and muscle tensions associated with birth.

This salve has been a real labor of love (no pun intended). This beauty is chalk full of organic black cohosh, blue cohosh, valerian root, lavender flowers, and fennel seeds.

They have been hanging out in a 12 week infusion, kissed by a full moon. Once this lovely beauty has labored her 12 weeks, she is completed with unprocessed beeswax, tallow and some lovely Joy, geranium, jasmine and clary sage. 

That's not all she does. Once she has helped you journey through birth...she will help you normalize the hormones that can often times be thrown out of whack by 9 months of growing a life and birthing that beautiful life into the world. This salve also brings great relief from lower hip and back pain while in recovery.

* Bonus...this beautiful salve also nourishes the skin deeply. It is extremely beneficial for back pain not related to pregnancy.

Directions: Apply to your upper and lower abdomen, ad well as your lower back. Apply as often as necessary during your birth journey. 

She is packaged in a rose gold tin.

As always our herbs/botanicals are grown organic, as well as harvested and gathered responsibly. We never take more than we know we can use. 

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