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Herbal and Oil Infused Hot/Cold Packs

Herbal and Oil Infused Hot/Cold Packs

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Take a break from all of the chaos and relax with this Herbal Infused Heating Pack. Made with rice, organic herbs - lavender/eucalyptus, and pure lavender/peppermint essential oils. This heating pad is sewn and filled by hand with love and care. You can either warm it up in the microwave or pop it in the freezer to get a soothing, cold pad! This Lavender Pack is perfect for sore muscles, headaches, cramps, relaxation, sleep, and much more! The Eucalyptus/Peppermint pack is good for aches, headaches, sinus congestion, chest congestion, and allergy issues. Both are great for joint and muscle aches. I love using mine after chiropractic visits.

We did these packs a few years ago in a soft flannel. They were such a phenomenal success, we thought we'd bring them back. This year though, we somehow managed to improve them with a soft, plush flannel.

These are also amazing for keeping spares in the freezer. As someone who is challenged with Vagus Nerve complications and a neck injury, I use these nightly on rotation. The vagus nerve deals with our "flight or fight" sympathetic nervous system. I have seen a lot of people find success by dunking their face in ice water or using a package of frozen peas on the vagus nerve (the left side of the neck/upper chest area). I personally have found that these herbal infused packs bring immediate and long lasting relief for me. I have been using rice packs from the last time I made them 4 years ago, so to say these packs are effective and durable is an understatement.

These are excellent personal gifts but they are also GREAT for gift giving.

Lavender is a tye dye fabric. šŸ’œĀ 

Eucalyptus/Peppermint is a doughnut fabric. šŸ©Ā 


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