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Headache Relief Support

Headache Relief Support

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Do you find yourself battling severe headaches? Have you been looking for a way to stop migraines before they set it? Whether they be seasonal, allergy, tension, or stress induced this oil blend is a great support for headache relief!

Here are some details on the therapeutic grade essential oils included in this blend. AVAILABLE IN ROLLERBALL, AMBER BOTTLE, OR NASAL INHALER.

Oil 1: Helps alleviate nervous exhaustion, stimulates the immune system, and helps alleviate stress-related illness. This chemotype is said to be the best for chronic fatigue. Stimulates memory and opens the conscious mind.

Oil 2: For centuries, peppermint has been used to soothe digestive difficulties, and relieve headaches. Most migraines are caused in part to poor digestion. It is purifying and stimulating to the conscious mind. Research from the University of Cincinnati (Dr. Dembar) shows that inhaling peppermint oil increased the mental accuracy of the students by up to 28%.

Oil 3: Is useful for improving digestive function. Again, most migraines are caused in part to poor digestion. It is beneficial in digesting toxic material in the body.

Oil 4: Is used for aches, pains, allergies, increasing energy, inflammation of the mucous membrane, and hay fever. It promotes health, well-being, purification, and healing.

Oil 5: It was historically used for digestive upsets and toothaches. It may improve memory, and create a feeling of protection and courage. It can help cause a good nights sleep, generally culminating in stimulating dreams.

Oil 6: Is beneficial is draining and cleansing the lymphatic system. It has a high cortisone-like action.

If you have chronic headaches - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND visiting a reputable chiropractor. You would be surprised how much of a difference an adjustment makes.

SAFETY DATA: This blend should be avoided by pregnant women or those nursing. Peppermint will deplete your breast milk supply. It will cause you to stop lactating all together.

Due to the ingredients - This blend should NOT be used by anyone with epilepsy.

This blend has 200 drops in it. You may apply 2 to 3 drops on your temples or on the back of your neck (depending on what type of headache you are dealing with). If you feel a migraine starting, apply a drop or 2 to the bottom of your big toe. You may apply this blend every 2 hours, as needed. It generally only requires 1 to 2 applications per headache. You may also use the nasal inhaler every 2 hours as needed.

Nasal inhaler - close one nostril while utilizing inhaler in the other side.

Disclaimer: Content on the site is for reference purposes and is not a substitute for advice from a licensed health-care professional. You should not rely solely on this content, and Great Faith Organics nor Mandy Church does not assume any liability for inaccuracies or issues incurred. Always read labels and directions before using a product. Statements regarding essential oils have not been evaluated by the FDA, and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.

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