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Energy Balancing Organic Herbal Tea (7 Chakras)

Energy Balancing Organic Herbal Tea (7 Chakras)

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In order to understand our own energy, we must first take a moment to learn about the subtle body. The subtle body, as its name suggests, is the aspect of our being which cannot be seen by the naked eye. Composed of various layers, the subtle body is thought to hold our life force or vital energy which flows in a complex loop resembling rivers and streams weaving through, around, and beyond the physical body. Where these streams and rivers of energy collide, a "spinning wheel" or chakra is found.

Events that occur outside of the body are translated to a form that the body can read. The pineal gland is the way station or link between our external environment and the network of internal body systems—the tiny but mighty gland that is a liaison with the world around us. The pineal gland takes environmental information and converts it into chemical and electrical signals within our bodies.

In the last 20–30 years, a more accurate understanding of the functions of the pineal gland has emerged, largely as a result of the isolation of melatonin, the major pineal hormone. Convincing evidence is presented showing that the pineal, and not the pituitary, is the master gland of the endocrine system. It converts light, temperature and magnetic environmental information into neuroendocrine signals that regulate and orchestrate body functions. It regulates our internal clock—determining our daily sleep–wake patterns and influencing our broader lifetime rhythms.

These electrical signals collide in our "spinning wheels" or chakras. Chakra does not refer to an actual physical structure in the body but to a swirl of energy created by energetic intersections within the subtle body.

The system most popular in the West is the seven chakra system which became popular in the 16th century. In this modernized energy system, each center has been associated with a major endocrine gland as well as a major nerve plexus. The energy found in each center is thought to affect the systems that the glands and the nerves control. If the energy in a center becomes unbalanced, it can manifest as disease.

Each energy center is associated with certain bodily glands and functions, as well as certain elements, colors, minerals, specific herbs and foods. This organic blend is a gathering of the herbs/florals suggested for each of the 7 major energy centers.

Root chakra: organic calendula

Sacral chakra: organic hibiscus

Solar Plexus chakra: organic dandelion

Heart chakra: organic hawthorn and rose

Throat chakra: organic thyme

Third eye chakra: organic passion flower

Crown chakra: organic holy basil (tulsi)

I have a cup every morning before I pray and meditate. For me, it has become an integral part of finding balance for each day.

30 servings

Data taken from the: The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine (NIH)



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