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Toothache & Gum Relief
Toothache & Gum Relief

Toothache & Gum Relief

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If you have ever had a severe toothache, you know that there aren't many aches and pains that compare. I have personally used this mix while waiting to be seen by my dentist and directly after I had a tooth pulled to help avoid dry socket. 

This mix offers great support for those times that you need relief from a toothache. This will address the most severe pain from a root canal, to a cracked tooth, missing crown, and even teething baby gums.

Apply to tooth directly by adding on a q-tip or directly along jawline for relief.

This mix contains over 200 drops. That's 100 - 200 uses (depending on drops per use).

How to use the EO Mixer blends: Use 1 to 2 drops on the outside of the jaw or directly on the tooth where you need the toothache relief support.

1 drop across baby's gum will help aches associated with teething (6 months and over).

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