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Why I do not NOT recommend elderberry syrup stored outside of the fridge.

We will NEVER “can” our syrup. Why not?

Here at Great Faith Organics, quality is of the utmost importance. It shows in our products. We use local, organic ingredients, including our honey. We will never skimp on our ingredients. You also won’t find us skimping on our process. Canning elderberry syrup allows it to sit on a shelf and stay out of the fridge for an extended period of time (up to 6 months). It will allow the syrup to sit on your counter or in your pantry until you open the jar. In order to “can and seal” an item you must boil it. All home canners know and love to hear the POP of the canning seal, ensuring we can store our prized garden items safely away for winter. We take great care to allow our batches to cool completely before adding the raw, local honey. Science tells us that raw honey is special and has many healing properties, but only if it is left unprocessed. Once you high heat honey, it’s medicinal value is lost. So why would you “can” elderberry syrup and kill the medicinal properties of the honey? Simply because it is convenient for the maker. When canning you don’t have to make fresh batches daily. You also don’t have to worry about dumping out unsold syrup. It is cost efficient for the maker ONLY to “can” elderberry syrup. Local honey is of no value if you are high heating the syrup and “cooking” all the medicinal value out of it. If you find a “homemade” syrup sitting on a shelf, out of the fridge and is good until you open it, it has been exposed to high heat canning. I truly believe that our raw honey is one of the many reasons our syrup is so effective. When fridge kept our syrup is good up to 12 weeks (3 months). The refrigerator is our preservative. You’ll never get a batch that’s more than a week old because we make small batches, daily. We have been making our syrup for a long time and we will continue to do things the way we believe is the “better way”. #greatfaithorganics #wherethereisawillthereisarightway