Store bought tea bags

Store bought tea bags

It's time we have sort of an uncomfortable conversation. It's a topic that I have wanted to talk about for a long while now. I have just been waiting for the right time to approach the topic.

Store bought tea bags. There isn't a whole lot going on with them to actually be beneficial. There is however a whole lot going on that you might not be aware of.

I NEVER use store bought tea bags because I get ripped off for the price versus the volume I actually receive of herbs.

The actual amount of herb per $4/$5 box is typically 1/2 ounce of plant matter. That totals out to around $96/pound. There are VERY FEW herbs that will actually cost you that. No matter how awesome a company is, if they are selling tea in standard pouches, they are in the big "tea" industry and using "tea grade" herbs.

"Tea grade" herbs are cast offs that can NOT be sold anywhere else. Often times it's herbs that are 5 or more years old and come from a mega storage warehouse - that translates to powdery oxidized trash. It may have been organically grown - BUT it's old and that's how they keep their profit margins HIGH, selling it for dirt cheap.

The uglier truth? Those tea bags are NOT entirely paper. They are full of micro plastics. Big "tea" still uses chemicals to produce and bleach the bags. Again - keeping profits HIGH.

When you are using a gentle herb that isn't "fragrant", there's typically not enough in that tiny bag to do anything medicinal for you. You are just paying for tinted water.

In summary... you are paying a cheaper price for something not medicinally beneficial and something potentially toxic (micro plastics and bleached bags).

What are better options?

Buy loose organic, ethically sourced herbs from a local, small business. Purchase a reusable tea infuser or use unbleached, organic cotton bags to create your own tea bags.

Buy organic seeds or plants and grow your own herbs. When you are ready for a cup of tea, wash the leaves and petals. Dry them slightly. Treat as you would herbal tea. Use a reusable tea infuser or use unbleached, organic cotton bags to create your own tea bags.

There are many wonderful small herbal businesses doing things a better way. You can see all of our organic, wonderful, medicinal, herbal tea infusions here:

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