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6 words to STOP using immediately

We learned some information from a clinical psychologist a few months ago and it has impacted our lives tremendously. I am sharing it here in a condensed explanation to hopefully help you consider some phrases that you use without considering the impact they have on your subconscious mind. ~
Our brains function with a subconscious and a conscious function. We know this. However, the words we use mean two separate things in these different areas of our mind. We often underestimate the power of our words. ~
These are 6 words that we should STOP using immediately. ~
1. Lose - In our conscious mind, losing weight is a great thing.
Our subconscious associates loss with distress. Instead replace the word lose with "releasing or release".
2. Quit - In our conscious mind, quitting smoking is a great thing. Our subconscious associates quitting with losing. Remember the old phrase "quitters never win".... Instead replace the word with "My intention is to stop this".
3. Problems - Our conscious mind sees problems as just one more issue to face. Our subconscious however, associates problems with things that can not be solved. Instead use the phrase "facing challenges". Challenges can be solved!
4. Struggling - We are telling our subconscious that we are indeed in a struggle. Instead use the phrases "going through, facing something, or experiencing something".
5. Sick to my stomach or Pain in my neck, butt, etc.~
Our conscious minds know that it isn't a real pain but we are signaling to our subconscious that we are experiencing physical pain. Instead use the phrase "I am not a fan of the situation".
6. Try or Trying - Our conscious mind knows this means we are going to do something. Yet, our subconscious mind sets us up for failure with this word. Try means we won't necessarily have success. Instead use the phrase "I am making this happen".
For my family, we used these 6 words regularly, until we didn't anymore. Simply replacing the words has made such a difference for us. What are some other words you can think of that we could all replace with more positive influences?